About Us

Our Rising is a non-profit organization based in Maple Grove, East Hants, Nova Scotia. Through services and action, we seek to foster connectivity, collectivity and community power as part of broader transformational social change.

We aim for our work to be heart centered, values-based, and grounded in individual and collective healing.

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Our Story

Our organization started with a bus and the simple goal of trying to support causes and projects by shuttling attendees to actions and events. This proved very helpful during the efforts to protect the water and the Shubinacadie River from the salt brine of the Alton Gas company. We saw the demand from many other community groups trying to run programing for immigrants, folks with different abilities, youth etc and tried our best to serve those groups and causes.

We started running tours of our own. The Political History tour was a huge success! And we started seeing the need for people from the city to get into rural space.

The restrictions and lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 put our operations on hold and so we started to switch directions towards development of a rural piece of land. We wanted to serve the community and decided to do so through food and education. We’re very excited to start the Food Resilience Project and we hope it will continue to grow and blossom!