Community Transportation

Request transport in our community bus to your next event!

Our Rising is committed to making transportation services accessible to the community. We currently have a 20 passenger bus (one seat has less foot room) that is available for booking.

We did have a wheel chair lift in our bus but it was under utilized and was going to cost a bunch of money to fix. With sadness we decided to take out the lift to make room for 4 more seats. But we dream of putting it back in if there were organizations who could use it. If you are one of those organizations or individuals let us know and if we have enough interest we will consider it again.

 Fill out an application today!


Join us for our next our of city group excursion!

  • Our Rising is committed to organize initiatives of its own that bring people together in unique and transformative ways.
  • We will support people in coming together across socialized divisions to build bridges through shared experience.
  • We will serve those most excluded and forgotten by dominant society
  • We will aim to make available experiences commonly restricted behind cultural and economic barriers.
  • We will make the healing power of nature and the natural beauty of Nova Scotia available to those who want to share it.
  • We will start on this mission by organizing events and excursions within and outside the city.