Direct Action Training Retreat

Friday October 27th 5pm – Sunday October 29st at 5pm

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Join us for a weekend workshop on direct action and land defence! Learn new skills to incorporate into your organizing and step up your actions! Visit the Shubenacadie river and learn about local struggles for indigenous sovereignty.

This retreat will guide participants through the theory and practice of direct action and its role within broader campaign strategies. It will cover various techniques that can be applied in different action contexts and use games and role play to provide attendees with direct experience and practice embodying direct action philosophy.

The weekend will offer an array of skills applicable to participants’ current organizing efforts and contexts while also providing a concentrated focus on land defence. There will be a presentation by a Mi’kmaq water protector on the Indigenous-led campaign to stop Alton Gas, there will be a workshop led by members of SWAGR (Solidarity With Alton Gas Resistance) on solidarity work and there will be a discussion about treaties in Mi’kma’ki.

Whether you want to broaden your skill set or deepen the knowledge you already have, if you enjoy engaging and learning collaboratively with like minded folks also committed to social justice, all while having fun, then this weekend is for you!


More details:

This workshop will be hosted by Charles Williams and various co-facilitators. Charles is an experienced direct action trainer and a talented facilitator, conflict mediator and certified permaculture designer from the United States. He has broad experience working with many diverse groups and on many projects – from mass mobilization meetings of over 100 people to small groups working for progressive organizations, from Quaker-style Unity to anarchist-style consensus, from inexperienced teens to highly trained professionals. Charles is currently involved in work with Star Hawk and leads earth activist trainings around the world.

The weekend will take place at a tranquil permaculture initiative in Maple Grove, Nova Scotia. Transportation from Halifax (one hour) will be provided and we will try our best to support participants from other places across the Maritimes. Attendees will stay in tents or more comfortable accommodation based on request. There is a “refreshing” river for swimming, woods for exploring and fields for activities during free time. Bring appropriate clothing, bathing suits and games for spending time outdoors. Meals are provided from Friday dinner to Sunday Lunch. Food will be vegan and home cooked from locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.

Costs, gifts and contribution. We will not exclude anyone based on their financial position and we do not believe in the ability of money to adequately express value. We choose to see this workshop as a gift that will inspire return gifts. We hope that if you benefit from the weekend you will want to show your appreciation for the energy we have spent organizing and will support us in continuing to offer similar opportunities. Our estimated costs for organizing this weekend are $50 per person, which covers food, transportation, workshop materials and an honorarium for our Mi’Kmaq speaker. If we were to pay for space rental, bus rental and various trainers, which have all been donated, the cost would be $100 per person. We welcome what you can give and also offer work exchanges to those interested in helping on the land or other projects. Anyone interested should get in touch in advance if possible. 

The space falls short of adequate accessibility but we aim to accommodate as much as possible within our present circumstances. We are open to arranging child care if it is requested though we are unable to promise it at this time. We welcome requests and hope to meet the needs of all interested in participating.