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Our Rising is a Nova Scotia based nonprofit committed to individual, communal and societal transformation. We started out in the winter of 2017 by offering our community bus for service and have been growing quickly since. We are beginning to develop a rural community space and have an number of opportunities to expand and serve in new and exciting ways but we need some committed people in order to bring these projects to fruition!

What follows is some information about:

  • Projects of ours that could use support
  • Work stay exchange opportunity
  • How you can help
  • Get in touch


Some Projects That Need Support:

Please let us know if you are interested in supporting any of these initiatives or anything we haven’t mentioned but you are inspired to help make happen!

Development of a Rural Community Space

We have the exciting opportunity to partner on some projects on a rural permaculture initiative in Maple Grove, Nova Scotia, one hour outside of Halifax. We believe in the power of communal spaces to bring people together and in the ability of time outside of the city near nature to make the ways we come together healing. We hope that you see the same possibilities we do and that you want to help!


Building a Training, Workshop, Retreat Space

We have a dream of a large circular building that could be used for workshops, trainings, celebrations, healing and political organizing. This would be something we would work towards building next summer if there is enough support.


There are a number of events that we are organizing and many more that could be organized with help. Until there is a new building these will take place in the warm months of the fall with humble habitations.

  • A direct action training with focus on land defense
  • Hempcrete, cob and straw bale building workshops
  • Permaculture related workshops
  • Healing retreats
  • Lectures by international speakers on related subjects

Do you want to help organize any of these or anything else that is in line with your interest and our mandate?

A Personal Retreat Cabin Accessible to the Community

We believe that everyone deserves to have access to a space in nature where they can get away and recuperate. We’d like to build a humble cabin with alternative building materials and make it available for public booking. Want to put your hands to action with others?

Further Development of Community Transportation Initiative

The response to this project has been enthusiastic and the feedback we get from drives we do is great. There is simply so much demand for low cost transportation and there is much more possibility here than our small team has had time for. We hope that you can help!

bus and sun rise


We want to do some thorough outreach to various communities around Nova Scotia to tell them about our community transportation service, get feedback on what the community need there is and consider how we might contribute to fulfilling it. Every time you mention our project it is helpful but if someone wanted to put a more concerted effort in it could spread that help to a lot of people.

Event Organizing

We wish to organize events that serve the community and our mandate of individual, communal and societal transformation. This could be a day tour and education about African Nova Scotian history, a tour of alternative farming initiatives in the province, a tour and education about local geography and Mi’kmaq history or any of a million ideas. If you want to help us, we can help you make it happen!

Land Defence Solidarity

We want to support those fighting to defend Mi’kmaq sovereignty over their land and resisting the Alton Gas storage facility project. We hope to soon offer a day trip to the resistance camp for those interested in participating more directly, seeing the sacred river and learning about the history and biology of the river.

Work Stay Exchange:

There is the potential for those interested to stay on the land in Maple Grove and be housed and fed in exchange for work on the land and on some of these projects. It would be arranged by mutual agreement but function more or less as a friendly WOOFing scenario. This is available for the second half of September and all of October or by arrangement.20347980_10154621178621576_633715802_o

How You Can Help:

We want your support but also to help you feed your passions. So if you see a piece of what we are doing already or haven’t yet considered doing that nourishes your desires let us know what that is. Otherwise we need help with:

  • Building: From the planning stages to the physical work. No prior experience necessary for some of the alternative building materials we will to be working with.
  • Event organizing: Bottom lining or supporting.
  • Developing promotional material: Web design, graphic design, videography.
  • Driving: If you have your class 4 unrestricted license and can prove to be a competent and safe driver we accept volunteers and sometimes contract people to do drives (with full pay).

Get In Touch:

Let us know about your interests and ideas! Email us at Check out our Facebook page.