Spirit and Action – With Starhawk

5pm Saturday Sept 1st11am Monday Sept 3rd

Maple Grove, Mi’kmaqi (NS)

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Today we are faced with two great crises—the meltdown of the earth’s climate and the concentration of political and economic power in a few hands, backed by increasing repression and violence. And they are actually the same crisis! Those of us who care about social justice, and a viable earth, are often overwhelmed by the magnitude of the transformation we need and generally face off against powers that seem immense and callous. To sustain our activism, we need a vision of the world we want to create. We need to know what we are saying ‘yes’ to, as well as ‘no’ to. And we need support and deep connection, from one another and from the great forces of creativity and resilience around us.

In this workshop, we’ll look at how trauma can infect our groups and relationships, and how we might heal it to create a truly welcoming activist culture. And we will explore ways to deepen our own spiritual connections with the earth, to receive hope and sustenance, and to celebrate in community.

This workshop will be facilitated by Starhawk,an author, activist, permaculture designer and teacher, and a prominent voice in modern earth-based spirituality and ecofeminism”. Participants are invited to arrive any time after 5pm on Saturday and to have dinner at 7pm. Programming will start Sunday morning after breakfast at 9am and will continue until after breakfast on Monday. From there participants are invited to attend a work party at the “Treaty Camp” that is located 25min down the road and has been successfully blocking Alton Gas from dumping salt brine into the Shubenacadie river  for over a year. There will be an introduction to the space and an appeal for donation to support the camp’s sustainability and further expansion. Those planning to attend should brief themselves here before hand.

Attendances are invited to bring tents and sleeping bags for camping but there is limited spaces indoors for those who would appreciate more comfort. Don’t hesitates to let us know. There is a “refreshing” river for swimming, woods for exploring and fields for activities during free time. Bring appropriate clothing, bathing suits and games for spending time outdoors. Meals are provided from Saturday dinner to Monday breakfast. Food will be vegan and home cooked from locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.

Costs, gifts and contribution… We will not exclude anyone based on their financial position and we do not believe in the ability of money to adequately express value. We choose to see this workshop as a gift that will inspire return gifts. From this perspective we ask that our costs be covered and we hope that if you benefit from the weekend you will want to show your appreciation for the energy we have spent organizing. Our estimated costs for organizing this weekend are $60 per person (including food, cook wage, amenities and bringing our facilitators). This does not cover the organizing time and energy of volunteers and staff, the cost of site rental or honorarium for our facilitators. Other similar workshops often charge $200- $250 per person. We welcome what you can give and will use your contributions to pay our facilitators and as affirmation and material support for similar projects that can benefit more people. We also offer work exchanges to those interested in helping on the land or scholarships to those who need.

The space falls short of adequate accessibility but we aim to accommodate as much as possible within our present circumstances. We are open to arrange child care if it is requested though we are unable to promise it at this time. We welcome requests and hope to meet the needs of all interested in participating.

To reserve your spot in this workshop leave us a deposit of $60 with Pay Pal (or email info@ourrising.ca if this is not accessible to you).